Introducing HomeCare GateMaster™ offering four mobile Apps designed for your smartphone and notepads that brings new innovative and safety related services to help the chronically disabled and others involved in home care to safely remain in their homes.  The Apps are type of a “safety net” for proactive personal communications for care agency to clients delivering home care provided services.  Home care clients with disabilities can gain more confidence and independence while knowing they are safe. HomeCare GateMaster provides a very beneficial app called UroCheck to those who are incontinent and Foley dependent.

HomeCare GateMaster™ is a mobile App software product and is mHealth compliant. It is web-based offering a more personal function for “TeleMedicine” care” or a “TeleHealth” solution.  The Apps connect you with real people that you prefer to be involved in your care using the latest in wireless technology over the Internet.  And it’s secure.  Gives you control of your freedom and assures you that you can safely stay in your own home.

Visioneering Bio Design has a policy and a goal of offering in-home support services as needed and provides assistance to the DD agencies who provide are home care trained caregivers. Now you will get to know them more personally with advanced communications by using your cell phone or tablet.  Visioneering’s App enabled telecaregivers to effectively communicate and also to continue to have face-to-face contact with their client.  HomeCare GateMaster™ is fully supported with its interactive feature of alerting when services are needed. Family members are encouraged to also use the mobile App system to check on the status of their special needs neighbor using texting, emails, phone or a chat face-to-face with their loved one from anywhere in the world.

Visioneering is offering just what the name says it is. Communicating clearly with views of 20-20 accuracy to solve real communication problems and is all available with an easy to use smart phone. Your home care is now part of the features of our HomeCare GateMaster™ integrated Apps.  Ease of use can even include hands free features built into the Apps operating system.  Now you can have the same clear vision as we do of being assured of safety and support by simply using your smartphone to do things you have never imagined. Be assured that you’re being cared for using the latest tools in mHealth care in a least restrictive environment so that you can continue to live and communicate as independently as is possible.