My Angel911+

The MyAngel911+™ App is an improvement over the conventional 911 EMS call center set up that all communities now utilize. The MyAngel911+™ App improves and expands the home safety net to a very personal type call center that is managed from the client’s SmartPhone with the App module called MyAngel911+™.

The “+” of the App is the use of an approved person who is on the list of up to 8 people who agree to be an early responder to the person in need. The key to the early responder is that all them actually know the person they are protecting.  Another way to view this is that the early responders are being proactive and not reactive to the person in need.

Your “Angel” is simply your personal preference for those people that you determine you would want to quickly assist you when you have an emergency.

MyAngel911+™ provides the presence of someone that you know and trust, and it can of course include local fireman or a policeman. We are empowering the app user or their care provider to be the one who chooses who comes to your door to assist you. So, this would include your family members, a select nearby neighbor, a close friend, a doctor, a minister, or other pre-determined and qualified people you trust.

Early adopting of this new approach in home care emergencies have included interviews with EMS, sheriffs, and policemen to explain MyAngel911+™ App.  All those interviewed are telling us, “give us someone who knows this person to meet us on the porch at the door to help assist us, thank you”.

A typical response time for a 911 call is about five-seven minutes. MyAngel911+™ alerts can provide non-medical responses typically in less than one minute.

Features built into MyAngel911+™ even allow you to choose the various types of communications that are preferred for the alerting in your list of your own “personal responders” for your emergency. So, this could mean emails, texting, and various phone calls.  If preferred all types of communication protocols can be used, or if only one of them is preferred to be used it can be setup accordingly to the client’s or care provider’s preference. There is always one preferred early responder included.

Each early responder must have special permission to be a part of the client’s Angel network.