Parcel  Buddy™

The App Parcel Buddy™ is provided free of charge to our home care clients with the purchase of the primary three offered Apps. This App allows the client from their home to accurately monitor the exact location of the delivery driver and their durable goods shipment from a private durable medical goods provider.

So the parcel driver and the parcel are accurately monitored and then when the driver is in the immediate neighborhood an alert is given by email, text or a phone call that someone will be at your door very shortly, in a minute or two.

This special tracking service assures privacy and safety and security to the client. No more strange folks ringing the doorbell or knocking on the door, or worse yet stealing the parcel that actually belongs to you.  Parcel Buddy™ is a real stress reliever for those who live alone and helps eliminate the frustration of replacing your shipment, filing an insurance claims, etc.