RN CareTrac™

This home care agency “people asset” tracking feature is done with a special monitoring program that includes a military grade precise two-way GPS.  RN CareTrac™ eliminates the stress and frustrations of your client really not knowing just where and when the agency’s scheduled nurse or aid is and when they arriving to a work site. People locations are no longer a mystery to the agency dispatching office, and most importantly to the client.

The home care client at home is fully equipped and is in total control to know in real-time, precisely where and when that scheduled person resource is to arrive and assist them 24×7.  The App even gives a last-minute alert to the client about two or three minutes before the agency person arrives at their home, and will know that someone who is trusted is very nearby to assist them.

What does all of this mean to the home bound client?  No more follow-up phone calls to the care agency asking “say can you tell me where my aid is, or if my nurse is even coming, and if so how soon, or will they just be a bit late”? The client’s stress and frustration of not knowing the arrival status can be completely eliminated.

So, imagine the peace of mind and the stress that is relieved for the client and the many hours saved by the agency of not having to take client calls that ask the same question every few minutes, “where’s my nurse or aid” and having this occur from dozens of clients asking basically the same question.

RN CareTrac™ also includes a feature called EVV, Electronic Visit Verification. Think of this as an electronic time card inside the person’s smartphone. Accurate asset and time management is assured to the home care agency.  This App allows the agency to serve more people with more efficient time management.

Accountability is part of the employees responsibility to the agency by which they are employed.  Mileage and travel expenses can be accurately managed.