One of the more sophisticated software App modules offered is called UroCheck™.  This App provides Predictive Fluid Management. This medical specific module is a more sophisticated tool to set up and implement, but once it is, it is very simple to use once the fluid intake (hydration) trending is set-up and complete. All that is needed over several days is monitoring and input of fluid amounts (ounces) into the database taken in by the client at each meal and at snack times.

Once this “fluid history” is loaded then the predictions can be done to predict bladder voiding (fluid collection) from the Foley catheter schedule. Time management and safety are assured.

UroCheck™ is then automatic in its function and very helpful for a Foley dependent client who must be serviced at least twice per 24 hours with a scheduled home care aid or nurse. This App does the “filled” alert and also conducts and manages the scheduling automatically once the hydration model of the client is loaded over a select period so that the dehydration (voiding) can be predicted and the agency resource can be alerted and scheduled to be at the client’s side to assist the servicing of their urine bag collector.

UroCheck™  is a real time saver and a huge safety asset to the prevention of hyperreflexia issues that can become a life-threatening issue to the incontinent client who lives alone.

In other words, the client can take charge of where and when those services are to come and since the fluids management issues have all been fully and accurately provided. We provide and deliver new levels of home health care trust and accountability.

Our home care-based client is then in charge of their resource management from the simple touching (or speaking) of the App icon on their cell phone or tablet.